Designing a Menu that can Boost Profit and what’s the role of mobile POS in this process?

20 Jun , 2017 Blog

Designing a Menu that can Boost Profit and what’s the role of mobile POS in this process?

Using one-of-a-kind recipes, having an exclusive palette, outstanding customer service, premium-quality ingredients and well-trained and educated staff will cost you a small fortune. Of course, the cost is irrelevant as long as you are making a good profit.

One of the ways to secure greater profit is to opt for a menu design that is created with profit in mind.  Did you know that there is a special study of the popularity and profitability of menu items and their effects on the placement of specific dishes? This study is known as menu engineering.

Now let’s see how exactly can you redesign the menu to increase profit.

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To start with, you must think about the visual appearance. One of the best ways to enhance the visual effects and boost profit is to add an image only to the items that are most profitable. Every visitor to your restaurant is here to scan the menu not to read a book. They want to make a decision quickly and by adding images you will speed up this process and get the desired result.

We have mentioned the mobile POS point of sales system in the title because it is very important to create a restaurant menu that can match the work of this system. Luckily, this is a highly-adjustable system so it won’t take much time before you find a good solution.

Another good advice is to use price anchoring. This is a practice of positioning menu items with the highest price close to popular, standard items. Remember that your main objective is to highlight the most profitable items, not the most expensive ones. If those who are most profitable are placed close to a more expensive but less profitable option, people will know that they are looking at a good deal.

Experts agree that those who are looking for a way to maximize their profit must cut some of the menu items. In other words, it is much easier to predict the behavior of your clients if the menu has fewer options. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should leave them with just a few options, but keep this number reasonable. Keep in mind that this is a good way to cut waste.

Follow these tips and you should be able to notice more profitable business operations.

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